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3 Investing Myths & Cryptos to Watch in 2022


We have a new face for you today!

Your Bold Profits Daily managing editor Jaclyn Frakes-Jones is joining Market Talk today to talk about the latest Bold Profits Confidential.

I LOVED this issue and think it’s important for every subscriber to read it. You can catch up on it here.

You’ll hear today about some investing myths and mistakes so many people make.

Don’t be one of them.

And Ian is bringing you a crypto predictions update (already!) on another country that could adopt bitcoin as its legal tender.

And he’s sharing his three favorite cryptos for 2022.

See it all here:

Amber Lancaster:  Hello Bold Profits Nation. Thank you for tuning in to Market Talk Monday on the Paul Mampilly YouTube channel. I am Amber Lancaster, Director of Investment Research here at Bold Profits. We’re recording today’s show on Friday, January 14, as our offices will be closed Monday in honor and remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr.

Today I have two special guests joining me. Jaclyn Frakes-Jones, Senior Content Strategist and Managing Editor at Bold profits; and Ian Dyer, Senior Investment Analyst and editor of Crypto Flash Trader, your gateway to crypto investing.

Jaclyn, who just published her latest quarterly newsletter, Bold Profits Confidential, for readers, is here to expose three investing myths every investor should know and avoid. Then Ian will join us to tell us his top three cryptos to watch in the first quarter of 2022 and how one public blockchain platform is possibly on track to be the next Visa.

Before I begin, remember to subscribe, like and share this Main Street stock investing channel with your family and your friends. Plus, it supports the channel. If you want to get started in investing in the stock market, Paul Mampilly’s monthly stock research service, Profits Unlimited, is your answer.

Click the strong hands. You will learn more about this newsletter. It costs about $49 to $100 per year. It helps you to gain access to some of the best ideas, focusing on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and America 2.0 technologies. Let’s get started with Jaclyn.

Hello Jaclyn. Thank you so much for coming on Market Talk Monday. How are you today?

Jaclyn Frakes-Jones: I am good. Thank you so much.

 Let’s Get To Know Jaclyn!

Amber: I’m so glad you are here. I must share with everyone, if you have been a long-term viewer of Market Talk, you know this is Jaclyn’s public debut on our YouTube channel. It’s true. She’s a constant presence behind the camera, but today she has some great insights to share with us.

Jaclyn, to break the ice and let our Bold Profits family get to know you a little better, I have two quick questions to ask you. Since I am a gearhead, here’s my first question. If you were given a choice of various cars, a Jeep, Genesis, Jaguar or an Audi, which of them would you choose?

Jaclyn: I am not a gearhead. I don’t even know some of those cars. I would take the coolest, nerdiest looking one. Whatever you recommend, I am in.

Amber: I have another question that may be up your alley. I know you are a Disney fan. Am I right?

Jaclyn: Yes, Disney fan.

Amber: Of all the Disney characters, which one is your favorite and why?

Jaclyn: Probably either Woody or Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. I love their personalities and optimism.

Amber: Those are good answers. I am so glad you are here because I know you recently wrote your Bold Profits Confidential newsletter. I have some questions for you. But first, just give us a background on who you are, your work history and anything so we can know even more.

Jaclyn: Like you said, I am Managing Editor for Bold Profits Daily. It basically means I work with all you amazing analysts and editors to write your Bold Profits Daily. I break down the complicated investing terms and make it super simple and easy to understand.

I used to be a stage manager so I am used to being behind the scenes. That’s why it’s so weird to be on camera. It’s very similar to what I do now. Just working behind the scenes with the team to make sure the show goes on. Paul’s been trying to get me and engagement team on camera forever.

This year he threw down the gauntlet and double dog dared me to come on Market Talk. So here I am. I can’t pass up a double dog dare.

Amber: My first question is: You really have your pulse on our Bold Profits readers. Can you share how you do that? Are there certain things you do to make sure can understand our members better than we already do?

Jaclyn: This is the most important and fun part of what I do. It’s why we’re here, right? For the readers. It’s for you guys out there. You are the stars of the show. So I make sure I am listening. If there is something you don’t understand or want to know more about, I am on it.

To do that I read our feedback emails, I post polls and questions in Bold Profits Daily and I read all your comments on YouTube and Twitter. If you have any questions, no matter how obvious, shoot me an email at

The Ugly Truth About Investing

Amber: Perfect. We will make sure to have that on the screen. Email us. My next question is regarding your recent newsletter. In your latest edition of Bold Profits Confidential, you wrote about an unfortunate $9,011 mistake by one particular Bold Profits reader and the ugly truth about investing.

Can you share more details on what happened to this subscriber?

Jaclyn: Yes, it’s a tough one. One reader wrote in and said we could share the story so others could learn from it. He said he made a nice $79,000 profit on Tesla, an investment from $60,000. However, he got nervous and weak hands and he missed out on $9,011 in gains.

They owned 200 shares of Tesla before the split and if he had held, they would be worth more than $1 million today. He sold too soon. He said he ignored Paul’s Rules of the Game about strong hands and cost him. Lesson learned the hard way. It was a hard one to read.

I wrote back to see if that stopped him from investing. He said, “No way.” His hands are stronger now. Lesson learned. It really inspired the whole issue.

Amber: I’m sorry that happened, but everyone makes mistakes. We learn from them and grow from them. I’m glad he agreed to have it spotlighted in the newsletter for this quarter. As a reply to your testimonial you wrote about how we need to invest the Bold Profits way, meaning holding on for a longer period of time to make big money over time.

Three Myths About Investing!

Can you share three investing myths to overcome that you presented in the newsletter that we need to be aware of and how to avoid them?

Jaclyn: Myth number one: It’s super easy to make big money. My grandpa would tell you that anything worth doing is not easy. It takes work, dedication and conviction and sometimes you will fail. But you have to shake it off and get back at it.

Myth number two: Collect on big one-day bets. As you know, we don’t believe in day trading. The idea you can put in one day’s work and walk away with a fortune is not realistic. We believe in, like you said, big money over time. Over time is one to three years minimum.

That’s what you have to put in when you are investing in game-changing technology and America 2.0. They don’t [happen] overnight. I know Ian is coming on soon and he can tell you it took Tesla five years to roll out the electric vehicle.

But the opportunity is clear and EVs are eventually going to dominate the gas-guzzling market. Hold on for growth. Hold on for gains.

Myth number three: Buy one stock and done. When I started here there was a lot of hype around everyone’s stock for the year. The truth is, there’s not just one for 2022. There is a whole portfolio packed with number ones. When new readers join we recommend starting with five.

Paul even tweeted about this. You need many chances to win, not just one big bet. It’s all in our Rules of the Game. You can read about this in Bold Profits Confidential. We’ll put a link with the rules and the issue in the description below.

Amber: Jaclyn, I think that was spot on. Thank you for sharing those myths. Thank you for your quarterly newsletter. I think it gives a great behind-the-scenes look at everything that is done here at Bold Profits. You really augment that and display it nicely for our readers.

Thanks so much for coming on, Jaclyn.

Jaclyn: Thank you so much for having me. It was fun.

Amber: We’ll have you back. I think it was great. Take care. Have a great day.

Now we are going to move to Ian. Hello, thank you for joining us today on Market Talk Monday. Good to see you as always.

Ian Dyer: Thank you for having me.


Will Solana Become The Digital Visa?

Amber: While you are here with us I had three questions to present to you today. I know the crypto market is going gangbusters and there’s always something new happening. My first question to you is regarding a report by Bank of America.

Bank of America recently noted that Solana could become the Visa of the digital asset world. Do you foresee this happening? If so, why Solana? What attributes will help this blockchain reach such lofty goals?

When you think about it, 183 million Americans have a credit card, of which 104 million are Visas. This is big if that’s possible for Solana.

Ian: I have heard that comparison too. I think it’s mostly because Solana has the advantage of being able to process faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum (ETH). Last year, ETH saw a lot of progress in scaling their blockchain to actually compete with Solana.

I think at this point it’s ETH’s race to lose. Visa is actually working to create software on the ETH network for a payment network. I think ETH is the frontrunner but it’s good to keep an eye on things like Solana because I know they gained a ton of traction last year.

It’s an interesting race. That competition is going to keep everybody strong. At this point I would still go with ETH.


Will Bitcoin Get Adopted In Other Countries?

Amber: That’s good to know. Thanks for clearing that up. Regarding your 2022 predictions, one of them was that we would see at least three more countries adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as their legal tender. Do you have any updates for us or any news for this?

Ian: A couple days ago there was actually some really big news that the island country of Tonga is going to try to get BTC integrated as legal tender by the end of the year, following in the footsteps of El Salvador. I think this is a groundbreaking move because an island country like that has a couple advantages.

First, if your country is a bunch of island that are spread out, it’s difficult getting money from island to island. It can be congested and require high fees. BTC is a solution for that because you can send it cheaply and it’s natively digital.

Another way it helps is because a lot of these countries have citizens living abroad. In Tonga’s case, there are more than six times the number of people living in other countries as in Tonga. People can send BTC to family and friends living in the country for way cheaper than they would otherwise with companies like Western Union.

In El Salvador we have seen remittances be a huge factor with BTC. In the future I think other islands are going to realize this is a great solution as well. Also, I just saw news in Brazil, which is another country that I have seen conflicting things about, but they seem to be bullish on BTC as a currency.

In Rio de Janeiro, I saw you can get some kind of discount on taxes if you pay in BTC. They are trying to implement BTC there too. That’s something to keep an eye on as well.

What Are Some Cryptos You Should Be Watching?

Amber: Good info. Thanks for keeping us up to date on that front. My third question to you is: For the first quarter 2022, can you give us three cryptos we should all be watching?

Ian: I think I have mentioned all three before, but number one would be Chainlink. They are the bridge between the traditional world and the blockchain world in terms of data. If a company like Visa wants to port over all their data on ETH, they would use Chainlink to transcribe that from their network to ETH.

That has seen crazy adoption in the blockchain world. I think they will have a great year in 2022. Number two would be Polkadot, which is its own network aside from ETH. A lot of different projects are working to integrate ETH apps to work on Polkadot as well where they can have more scaled solutions, cheaper fees, faster transactions.

I think Polkadot will be a big one also. Three would be Aave, which is a borrowing and lending network. It’s not only on ETH, but also leading the market share in terms of value on other blockchains like Avalanche and Polygon. They are capturing market share in a lot of different ways.

They were also the first to implement being able to borrow against real world asset as collateral. That’s going to be a big deal in the future too. A lot of cool things are coming down the pipe for Aave.

Amber: Thank you, Ian. You heard it here, the three cryptos to watch for 2022 are Chainlink, Polkadot and Aave. Great stuff, Ian. Thank you for sharing your insights.

Ian: Good to back. Thanks for having me on again.

Amber: You’re welcome. And thank you, Jaclyn. Jaclyn is always here, you just never see her. We’re just happy to see her in front of the camera. Talk to you soon, take care.

A big thank you again to Jaclyn and Ian for joining me on Market Talk Monday. It was great having them on. Now, if you are interested in investing in the ever-growing cryptocurrency market, check out Ian’s service, Crypto Flash Trader.

Please click the strong hands to learn more and get started placing Ian’s top crypto trades. Before I hop off, I want to give a big shout out in 2022 to Kanjana K, JB, Geets, Mary C. and all our loyal YouTube watchers. You rock!

You can follow Paul, Ian and me on Twitter: @MampillyGuru, @IanDyerGuru and @ALancasterGuru. I just want to thank you for tuning in this week. Have a great week ahead. Until next time, take care.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

P.S. Ian’s already checking off some of his 2022 crypto predictions. Next up … bitcoin $350K?!

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