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5 Mega Trends for Long-Term Returns


When stock prices fall, people start to lose sight of the long term.

Here’s why you shouldn’t.

Look at life 150 years ago. Hey, just growing up in India, we lived in what seemed like a different world.

Cooking over a fire stove — saving the gas for special occasions. Even making a phone call was an expensive ordeal.

Now, we’re in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

And I want to make it completely clear: these market moves are normal. Stock prices will rise and fall as we go through real changes.

We have to look at the long game. And right now, there are five mega trends that I believe — along with ARK Invest — will pay off long term.

I put together a worksheet to show the growth and returns from now to 2030. (See the results in today’s video.)

These high-return results aren’t for everyone. It’s for people with Strong Hands that stay in.

The promise of these technologies is real. I’ve seen it coming here from India. And I’m seeing it again.

Only invest if you see it too and have the guts to stay in…


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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