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Bear-O-Meter Reads = 90% OVER


We’re. Almost. There.

Hang on Strong Hands! 

Paul’s Bear-O-Meter is showing that we’re nearing the end.

Given the recent price down moves, we’ve shifted the Bear-O-Meter to 90% to indicate that it’s almost over. 

Since the previous rally did not take place and many stocks fell even further, it means that we have even more upside than before in the coming bull market. 

So, we’ve shifted the Bull-O-Meter to being only 10% complete:

Call us crazy.

Call us fools.

Call us what you want … just don’t call us bearish.

Because we believe selling our America 2.0 innovation stocks after the past few dips due to FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) — would be a terrible disservice in the long run.

Keep reading to see why we’re holding ✊ Strong Hands too and staying #BOP (BULLISH, optimistic, positive) for you: 

$1 Bitcoin to Fight Inflation. Don’t have $30K to buy bitcoin right now? It’s okay. All you need to invest is $1.
1 Big Signal to Watch Right Now. As the Federal Reserve addresses recession concerns, the opportunity for growth stocks will be huge. Demand will shift from so-called safety stocks to our growth stocks.
Your Top Summer Buy: New Energy Battery Stocks. Heat isn’t the only thing summer’s bringing … for high summer electric bills, the America 2.0 solution is batteries.
1 Chart That Changed My Life Forever. Sometimes investing requires a different perspective. This one changed everything for me.
America 1.0 Recession? The Fed will want to avoid an America 1.0 recession and I believe they’ll reverse course soon. And that’s good for growth stocks and crypto.


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