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Growth Alert! Robotics Rise to $70 Billion by 2028


Many believe that Wall Street is always an arm and a leg ahead of us.

That it’s impossible for the little guys to find amazing companies before it is too late.

Well, with a little bit of help, I can steer you into mega trends that Paul and I think will flourish for years to come.

Paul has a way of looking at the market, finding trends and investing in the future like no one else.

Bringing the opportunities to you — Main Street investors.

America 2.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the biggest wealth-building era we’ll ever see. And it’s built upon growing mega trends:

(You can read more about each one here.)

What’s amazing about these industries is that many of them are integrated within each other — “stacking” to create America 2.0.

Here’s one I believe is set to soar…

Industrial robotics.

With a record number of people online shopping recently, manufacturers have never been busier!

Industrial robots can be used for manufacturing products.

They are automated and programmable to assemble, disassemble, package, label, inspect and distribute products with speed, accuracy and delicacy.

5 Ways Robots Are Revolutionizing the Industrial World

The benefits of using robotic systems for industrial purposes are abundant.

Using robotic systems are beneficial because:

No. 1: They are highly cost-effective. The ROI (return of investment) is often within two years. This means, implementing a robotic system can be costly initially, but the amount of savings over the long term is significant.

No. 2: A robotics system can work 24/7. Aside from downtime for regular maintenance, these automated systems can run as long as necessary. This will ensure that optimal output of goods can be achieved.

No. 3: They are easily customizable. Depending on the product, certain delivery and assembling methods may differentiate from the norm. But because the robotics system can be easily customized, the task at hand can be completed and complex functions worked through.

No. 4: They protect workers from dangerous tasks. Industrial workers often carry heavy items, climb up ladders, stick hands in heavy machinery and complete many other dangerous tasks. Having a robotics system in place will significantly reduce these types of workplace accidents.

No. 5: They can create more jobs. Currently, many assembly line worker jobs are sent overseas. However, implementing a robotics system that can do these jobs will create engineering, programming and equipment maintenance jobs. These jobs are typically safer and are higher paying.

With the advantages that robotics systems bring, it is no surprise that industrial robotics are being implemented globally.

There are currently more than 2.7 million industrial robots and that number is growing by around 400,000 each year!

With that, the global market for industrial robots is set to reach $70 billion by 2028.

Buy Mega Trends for Mega Growth

It has been a tough year for many of our mega trends.

But the truth of the matter is — despite what the current stock prices are showing — mega trends (like robotics) are growing!

When we look back 10 years from now, it will look so obvious that America 2.0 was booming and incredibly profitable!

We pick our Bold Profits mega trends because they are changing the world. And that means growth!

With growth comes opportunity.

And here’s one for you:

We’re witnessing breakthroughs in technology at an unprecedented pace in history.

And as big as the dawn of the internet was in the ‘90s…

This is bigger.

Robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, self-driving cars, 5G…

Are all coming together to create…

The city of tomorrow … a $31 trillion opportunity. Check out all the details about this “trade of the decade” here.

So many incredible companies have been tremendously bid down and the time for a turnaround, we believe, is coming shortly.

Stay Strong Hands and don’t miss the opportunity to buy in low and slow!


Daniel Shifflett

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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